SSS Rewards Club


Welcome to the SSS Rewards Club!
Where you SHOP, SAVE, SHARE, Receive Rewards and feel Rewarded every step of the way!
In the SSS Club, you aren't only personally rewarded but the shopping process is in and of itself REWARDING because
  • you give your friends $5 off
  • Your purchases are literally feeding a malnourished child a meal with every purchase at AND when you purchase $100 or more in one single order at VIVID918, you are feeding TEN MEALS to malnourished children!
  • You are purchasing from BRANDS who are backed by CAUSES too!
STEP ONE: Sign up and start referring your FRIENDS by sending them $5 off their first purchase! When your friends use their $5, you will receive 500 points which is the equivalent of $5 off!
STEP TWO: go to the Club's Facebook Group and INVITE THEM to be members so they find out all of the lastest news including new lines and new products and new updates! Tell them to watch the latest video for the latest information and more detailed SSS Club Info!
STEP THREE: Activate your Nu Skin account that you have received from the friend you invited you and start earning real $$$ through Nu Skin's tiered Sharing Bonuses and Commissions! You will be paid Sharing bonuses when your friends who you invited order products! (And that is just the BEGINNING)
STEP FOUR: INVITE your friends to become Brand Affiliates with Nu Skin so that they can earn Sharing Bonuses too! Simply login to Nu Skin from your Nu Skin Office after you've logged in. Choose "Invite" then choose "Brand Affiliate" and send the line to your friends! Make sure to do a separate INVITATION for each friend*** (see below)
Feed malnourished children and shop for CAUSES!

You also earn "Vivid Shares" for the simplest actions like:
  • Simply Signing Up for VIVID ROYALTY here
  • Shopping
  • Sharing Posts on Social Media
  • Birthday Rewards
  • Reviewing the products you love
  • And more!
The bottom line is this:
You may think that a purchase is simply a purchase...but it isn't.
The SSS Rewards Club is making the world a better place and rewarding our members for doing just that!

Join SSS Club Today & SHOP * SAVE * SHARE...
With a TON of Gratitude and an Over Abundance of EXCITEMENT!